Join The Starlite “I See Me” Fundraiser!

Join The Starlite “I See Me” Fundraiser!
Mirrors in a dance studio are the most important tools for both the Dance Instructor and Students. It helps them see their first steps, correct their mistakes and see the final routine!
Since Starlite’s move to Westchester Ave, it’s been a game of catch up. The cost to build out a new studio, adapting to change and, the demise in the economy causing less student enrollments has been difficult to cope with. For these reasons, it’s become very difficult for the studio to purchase and have mirrors installed.
Starlite Dance Studio of the Bronx and some Performing Group Parents have decided to create a fundraiser to raise the money to purchase mirrors for the studio by selling Celebrating Homes Scented Candles. The candles come in a variety of scents and are well-known for their quality and long lasting burning time. They are great gifts for any day or occasion!
We have spoken with a company who has given us an estimate for the entire job. The company has agreed to begin the installation work if we can come up with a small down-payment. We would like to reach this down-payment goal QUICKLY! We’ve estimated that if each Starlite Student sold at least 6 candles, we would not only raise enough money to come up with the down-payment, but also pay for the mirrors in full for both floors of the studio! Even if you choose not to participate in selling candles, you can still support by purchasing from a Parent who is participating, or donating cash.
Every Candle Sold Matters!
For more information on how you can be a part of the
I See Me” Fundraiser, contact Mari @ 646 542-9950
Your help with this fundraiser is urgently needed by Starlite and The Kids!

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