Edwin Rivera Presents – Dancers Night Out & The Soul of a Dancer CD Release Party

Edwin Rivera Presents

Dancers Night Out

A Tribute to Abbey Plotkin!

Saturday May 1st
37 West 26th Street
9th floor
New York, NY 10010

One of the biggest annual events in New York City. "The 7th Annual Dancers Night Out". Over 13 shows… by some of the best dancers in NYC and Los Angeles. Also celebrating the NYC CD release of Edwin Rivera's New Album "Soul of A Dancer". Saturday, May 1st, 2010. Don't miss it.

The Soul of a Dancer CD Release Party

“This album was created for dancers all over the world. Everyone knows how to dance; it just takes the right kind of sound to bring out the “Soul of a Dancer.” – Edwin Rivera

Genre: Latin, Salsa, Cha Cha, Hip-Hop 

-May 1st- New York, New York/7th Annual “Dancers Night Out”

-May 7th-10th- Miami, Florida/Aventura Dance Cruise

-May 27th-30th- Los Angeles, California/ 12th Annual LA Salsa Congress

- July 2nd-July5th- Orlando, Florida/ The 5th Annual Children Teen Salsa Congress

-More dates on www.edwinriveramusic.com

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New Adult Mambo on2 (Salsa) Class – Tuesday Nov. 3rd

New Adult Mambo on2 (Salsa) Class – Tuesday Nov. 3rd 2009
Location: 2001D Westchester Ave Bronx, NY 10462
Date: Tuesday Nov. 3rd 2009

Class Start Time: 7:00PM 
End Time: ~8:30PM

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Register Your Kids For The 2010-2011 Season!

Register Your Kids For The 2010-2011 Season

It's Not Too Late!

Registration Brochure

09-10 Season Brochure 109-10 Season Brochure 2

Registration for new and returning students continues!
Mon-Fri 6PM-8PM
Sat 10AM-6PM

Late registration will be available until Saturday Oct. 24th

Registration $40 registration fee per new student – non-refundable
$20 registration fee for returning students- non-refundable
Annual tuition $500 or $50 monthly 2nd Class / Sibling discount: $450 0r $45

3 options are available for payment of tuition

  • Postdated checks
    • 10 checks written in the amount of $50 each
  • Pay in full
    • Receive a 10% discount when paying in full
  • Divided into 2 payments
    • Make one payment on Sept 19 or during late registration and the balance on February 6, 2010

Available Classes



  • Beginners Teen Hip Hop
  • New Young Hip Hop


  • Advance Teen Hip Hop
  • Advance Young Hip Hop



  • Beginners Ballet & Tap
  • 5-7yr Beginners Mambo


  • 2nd Yr Ballet & Tap
  • 5-7ys Hip Hop


  • 8-11yr Beginners Mambo
  • 2nd Yr 5-7yr Mambo


  • 2nd Yr 8-11yr Mambo
  • Young 8-11yr Mambo (Couple Work)


  • Advance 5-7yrs Mambo
  • 8-11yr Young Girls Mambo


  • Beginners Teens Mambo
  • 2nd Yr Teens Mambo


  • Teen Intermediate Couple Work
  • Advance Couple Work


  • Advance Girls Mambo
  • Advance Boys Mambo

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

David Melendez

David MelendezOur Starlite Forever!


About Our Founder David Melendez was considered by most an icon of the mambo community. He had been in the scene for over 30 years as a dancer, performer, choreographer and director of several dance teams. He didn’t just preach unity within the mambo world, he truly believed in it.

Through his genuine character he was one of the few credible, honest and humble leaders in the New York Mambo community. He lead by example. What you see is what you got with David Melendez, no agendas, no promotional schemes or exploitations of any kind. He was a veteran, and what we affectionately called an old timer.

In 1992, David opened the doors of his dance school, the Starlite Dance Studio. He decided to dedicate himself to passing on his love of dance to our future generations by teaching children how to dance Salsa. Many people told David that he would never succeed in teaching kids how to dance Salsa. They said it was too difficult for them to comprehend. But of course, he was too bull headed to listen to them and went ahead and taught the kids.

David is credited of teaching thousands of kids at his school. Today some 18 years later, David still has his dance school and it is as popular as ever. Currently there are 5 dance teams that represent the school by going to events and performing. These teams are the Baby Sweethearts, Fuerza Gigante, Jr. Heartbreak Boyz, Heartbreak Boyz, the Sweethearts. Recently, aside from being the pioneer of the NYC Salsa Congress, David had been behind the organization of several events around the world and also recognized as an MC at many international events.

He was a natural entertainer and kept the crowd going with spontaneous interactions with the crowd. On February 8, 2007, David passed away and left his legacy to be continued by the Stars that he had created at his studio which he had established.




David Melendez Video Tribute