Register Your Kids For The 2009-2010 Season

Register Your Kids For The 2009-2010 Season

It’s Not Too Late!

Find Out How!


Register Your Kids For The 2010-2011 Season!

Register Your Kids For The 2010-2011 Season

It's Not Too Late!

Registration Brochure

09-10 Season Brochure 109-10 Season Brochure 2

Registration for new and returning students continues!
Mon-Fri 6PM-8PM
Sat 10AM-6PM

Late registration will be available until Saturday Oct. 24th

Registration $40 registration fee per new student – non-refundable
$20 registration fee for returning students- non-refundable
Annual tuition $500 or $50 monthly 2nd Class / Sibling discount: $450 0r $45

3 options are available for payment of tuition

  • Postdated checks
    • 10 checks written in the amount of $50 each
  • Pay in full
    • Receive a 10% discount when paying in full
  • Divided into 2 payments
    • Make one payment on Sept 19 or during late registration and the balance on February 6, 2010

Available Classes



  • Beginners Teen Hip Hop
  • New Young Hip Hop


  • Advance Teen Hip Hop
  • Advance Young Hip Hop



  • Beginners Ballet & Tap
  • 5-7yr Beginners Mambo


  • 2nd Yr Ballet & Tap
  • 5-7ys Hip Hop


  • 8-11yr Beginners Mambo
  • 2nd Yr 5-7yr Mambo


  • 2nd Yr 8-11yr Mambo
  • Young 8-11yr Mambo (Couple Work)


  • Advance 5-7yrs Mambo
  • 8-11yr Young Girls Mambo


  • Beginners Teens Mambo
  • 2nd Yr Teens Mambo


  • Teen Intermediate Couple Work
  • Advance Couple Work


  • Advance Girls Mambo
  • Advance Boys Mambo

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us